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Forge Your Destiny: Warhammer Wednesday Nights!

Gepubliceerd: 04.03.2024

Attention Warlords and Miniature Maestros!

Every Wednesday, Near Mint Gaming transforms into a battlefield where epic tales are written in the clash of armies and the painting of miniatures. Join us for Warhammer Night—an evening dedicated to the art of strategy, camaraderie, and the immersive hobby of Warhammer.

What Awaits You:
Painting Paradise: Whether you're a seasoned painter or just starting, bring your miniatures and enjoy the company of fellow hobbyists. Share tips, techniques, and witness your armies come to life.
Open Gaming Tables: Tables will be set for epic battles. Challenge a friend or find a new opponent. It's a night for waging wars and forging alliances in the grim darkness of the far future or the realms of fantasy.