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One Piece card game is a collectible card game themed on the world of One Piece! Characters from all over history of One Piece, including anime, manga and movies are featured in the game, and they're even cards inspired by famous scenes from all of them!
Collecting cards with various characters and illustrations is of course a lot of fun, but that's not the only way to have fun! once you have collected all the cards you can experience the mighty battles between pirates!
One piece card game has a variety of cards with different illustrations! In addition to familiar illustrations from the anime and manga, there are many original illustrations drawn by various artists that have never been seen before! These cars are fun to collect and admire There are five types of cards with two more on the way. You can create and play against each other with decks made by combining these cards. Allowing you to create and play your favorite pirate crew

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We had our first One Piece TCG in store yesterday and we had an absolute blast!

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Attention, brave sailors of the Grand Line! Our One Piece TCG Store Tournament sets sail this Saturday, and we don't want you to miss the adventure.
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