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Derek J Deslauriers

owner of
Welcome to Near Mint Gaming! I'm Derek J Deslauriers, the proud founder and passionate gamer behind this unique venture. My journey in the gaming world began much like many of yours – with an intense love for the experience, the camaraderie, and the endless worlds to explore. Yet, as time went on, I noticed gaps in our community; spaces where gamers, especially those juggling families and jobs, felt left out. And thus, Near Mint Gaming was born.
My vision for Near Mint Gaming has always been crystal clear: to build a community that truly reflects the spirit of "for the players, by the players". This isn't just a tagline; it's a promise. It's a commitment to ensure that every gamer, whether a novice or a veteran, finds a home here.
In a world where expenses quickly add up, I pledged to keep costs as low as possible. Gaming should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget. It's about the joy of the game, not the depth of one's pockets.
I also recognized the realities of modern life. Many of us have families, jobs, and myriad responsibilities. That's why Near Mint Gaming stays open seven days a week and operates during later hours. We want to be there for you, whether you're sneaking in a quick game after tucking the kids into bed or looking for a late-night escape after a day's hard work.
I invite you to join our thriving community, share your stories, and dive deep into the universes we all cherish. Here at Near Mint Gaming, you're not just a player; you're family.
Thank you for being a part of our journey. Let's game on!


shop assitant of
I am Anoek and I work at Near Mint Gaming as an employee and as Lorcana TO. I walked in at NMG as a Lorcana player and didn’t leave because of the great community where everyone is welcomed and everyone is able to be themselves. As a player I loved that feeling and as an employee I do my best to give other players that feeling too. Share the things you love; if that is MTG, Lorcana, a boardgame or just to hang out and have a place to go to, you are welcome. You can find me in the store a lot, so please don’t be hesitant to ask me anything. Hope to welcome you soon!


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Hi, my name is shaquille in my free time I like to make music and go to the gym. I had my very first draft in this store where I fell in love with magic the gathering and I made a lot of new friends and amazing memories through this game and by growing our community, I hope to share that experience with many more players to come. you can always come up to me for any questions or if you ever want to play a game. I also like to play fighting games, mainly Tekken

Jamie Zelle

community assitant of
As a dedicated member at Near Mint Gaming for already a year, I, Jamie Zelle, have been helping to progress our community. Where I hope too bring more people too Magic: The Gathering and Warhammer 40k. Either through welcoming new people, or bringing over players from other games.
I feel that my history in the TCG scene has mainly been marked, by being open for everyone and always ready too help learn the game, While inducing a feeling of fun and competitivity. This will hopefully help us foster a great community in the future, where everybody can join any table, with pleasure. Which will lead us too a greater community. Furthermore If anyone would like too introduce me too any other boardgames, I’ll be glad too accept a match. Since any game can help you enhance your thought process for any other game. While hopefully also hoping you will be open too trying our games. So we can both enjoy sharing our favourite games.
In the future I hope too grow in a more competitive sense and hope too start traveling too tournaments across Europe again. Where we can learn from each others experiences and enjoy that we can share these games.