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About Near Mint Gaming

Near Mint Gaming was created out of passion to better serve the player. A safe place for players to call their own with a comfortable environment durable chairs and tables and a well-lit playing area. Also having extra activities around the store giving our players more options to enjoy themselves.
We have extended operating hours so that players with families and jobs can also attend and enjoy themselves on a regular basis. We also have our events and tournament schedule posted online, to give our players appropriate time to plan accordingly so that they can attend any event they want.

Our goals

Treat every person like a friend not a customer. To do our best to make sure that nobody feels left out.
Always maintain a proper level of respect towards each other.
Having the appropriate staff and judges at events and tournaments. Following all guidelines put out by their respected games. Having the appropriate prizes for the appropriate event.
Having an inventory that is available to everybody not just the chosen few. Being current with our inventory so you do not have to look far for the newest stuff. If we do not have what you're looking for we will get it.
Keep the cost down as much as possible most TCG's are expensive enough.
Building a community for multiple formats and games so whether you are a collector, casual player, competitive player or a beginner Near Mint Gaming is truly a place for the player.