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One Piece TCG Store Tournament 2024

Passed event

2024-01-13, 13:00

Last Call for Buccaneers! Join the One Piece TCG Store Tournament!

Attention, brave sailors of the Grand Line! Our One Piece TCG Store Tournament sets sail this Saturday, and we don't want you to miss the adventure.

Last Call Details:
Date: Saturday 13th of January
Time: 13:00
Registration: Sign up through the TCG+ app NOW!

Embark on this Grand Voyage:
Claim Your Crew: Gather your finest cards and assemble a deck worthy of the Pirate King!
Show Your Skills: Engage in thrilling duels against fellow buccaneers to prove your supremacy on the seas.
Treasures Await: Win fabulous prizes and the admiration of your fellow pirates.

How to Set Sail:

Download TCG+ App: Find our event and sign up through the TCG+ app for a seamless experience. Prepare Your Deck: Ensure your One Piece TCG deck follows the rules, and get ready for epic clashes. Join the Crew: Come to Near Mint Gaming with your crew and be ready for an unforgettable day of pirate duels!

Act Swiftly! The seas await, but time is running out. Head to the TCG+ app, secure your spot, and let the battle for the title of Pirate King begin!