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The official Disney Lorcana Prerelease Play, 2023-08-19 11:00

Passed event

2023-08-19, 11:00

Lorcana enthusiasts, welcome to the wonderful world of Disney Lorcana! We invite you to join us for the official Lorcana Prerelease on Saturday and Sunday, August 19th!

Cost: €37.50

Start time: 11:00 AM (store opens at 10:00 AM)

What does the prerelease look like? At 11:00 AM, we will begin distributing the products. Each player will receive a random starter deck and two individual boosters. Then, everyone will have until 12:00 PM to modify their starter deck. This time can also be used for questions about the game or specific interactions.

Lorcana is still new for everyone, so we will mainly focus on learning to play and having a fun day!

Next, we will play 3 to 5 rounds (depending on the number of participants) of "best of 3" matches, meaning you'll play 3 games. Between these games, you may adjust your deck if desired.

As we are an accredited organised play store, everyone will receive a cool promo. There are also more prizes to be won, such as boosters!

Naturally, it's helpful if you already have a rough idea of how the game works; we offer demos every day! However, if you don't have time for that, we can also explain it on the spot.