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Lorcana Constructed Extravaganza: Unleash Your Magic!

Passed event

2023-12-09, 13:00

Greetings, spellcasters! Get ready to weave your enchantments and summon your mightiest creatures at our Lorcana Constructed Event on the 9th of December. This is your chance to showcase your deck-building prowess and compete against fellow mages in a battle of strategy and skill.

Event Details:

Date: December 9th
Time: 13:00
Entry Fee: 10 euro

What Magic Awaits You:
Constructed Carnival: Bring your most potent Lorcana deck to the table. Will you harness the power of Disney characters or forge an alliance with One Piece legends?

Claim Glory: Face off against fellow wizards in a series of captivating duels. Victory comes with not only bragging rights but also fantastic prizes!