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One Piece TCG Draft, 2023, 07 May

Passed event

2023-05-07, 14:00


We are excited to invite you to participate in our upcoming One Piece Trading Card Gamedraft event!

The draft will be held on May 7 @ 1400, and the entry fee will be 28 euros per person.

This fee includes 5 packs for drafting and prize support.For those unfamiliar with the drafting format, each player will receive 5 packs and will choose one card from each pack to keep, passing the remaining cards to the player next to them until all cards have been chosen.

This process will be repeated until all cards have been drafted, at which point players will build a deck from their chosen cards and compete in a tournament. After the tournament, leaders will be chosen from among the participants. All current leaders are available for selection.

Pre register by sending a email to, Subject: one piece Draft