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An exhilarating March of the Machine Draft. 9 June 2023

Passed event

2023-06-09, 19:00

Attention all Planeswalkers!

Join us this Friday at 19:00 hour for an exhilarating March of the Machine Draft! Gear up and get ready for an epic clash of wits, strategy, and exciting card battles. This is an event you won't want to miss!

For just 16 euros, you'll have the opportunity to build a formidable deck from the unique cards of the March of the Machine set. Explore its intricate mechanics, summon powerful creatures, and unleash devastating spells on your opponents.

But the excitement doesn't end there! Prizes await those who prove their mettle on the battlefield. Whether you're a seasoned planeswalker or new to the world of Magic, this draft is the perfect chance to test your skills, meet fellow enthusiasts, and create unforgettable memories. Trust us, the thrill of the game is always magnified when you're surrounded by like-minded players.

Spaces are limited, so secure your spot now by contacting us or visiting our store. Gather your luckiest dice, summon your competitive spirit, and let the March of the Machine Draft begin!

See you on the battlefield!

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